Discontent Grows Over Pokemon Go's EX Raids

Some prominent Pokemon Go players are getting fed up with one of the game's most controversial [...]

Some prominent Pokemon Go players are getting fed up with one of the game's most controversial features.

Over the weekend, Pokemon GO YouTube personality Reversal announced he was taking an "indefinite" leave from the game due to his issues with EX Raids. EX Raids are a special kind of raid that players can only participate in if they receive an invite. Getting an invite is largely random, but the process seems to favor certain players and are limited to either sponsored gyms and gyms located in parks.

At this point, Pokemon Go has sent over 30 waves of EX Raid Invites to trainers, but many players are still being left out on the fun. This has led to tons of disappointment in the game, and now even "big" names in the Pokemon Go community are speaking out. For example, Reversal has partnered with Pokemon Go before and even participated in their "Pokemon Go Travel" video series.

Another Pokemon Go personality coming down on EX Raids is Mystic7, another occasional Niantic collaborator and YouTube personality. Mystic7 sarcastically tweeted asking what a Raid Pass was, hinting that he too hasn't gotten an EX Raid Pass since Pokemon Go added the feature over the summer.

Pokemon Go has doubled down on EX Raid Passes several times, trying to find a way to balance the exclusivity of getting a pass with giving everyone a chance to grab one. And while player opinion of EX Raid Passes have always been low, the fact that more and more high profile players are speaking out doesn't bode well for the games.

EX Raids probably help Pokemon Go make more money, but at some point they need to realize that the raids actively turn players away from the game. It's disheartening not to get an EX Raid Pass, especially when you follow all of Pokemon Go's recommendations to a tee.

Will this latest outburst from the Pokemon Go community convince developers to drop EX raids? Only time will tell....