Pokemon Go Adds More Pokemon and Weather Features in Massive Update

Pokemon Go is adding new "Gen 3" Pokemon and a brand new feature that should have fans very excited about the future.

Pokemon Go officially announced that 50 Pokemon from Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire will appear in the game starting later this week. These new Pokemon include Hoenn starter Pokemon Treecko, Mudkip, and Torchic, with a promise of even more Pokemon coming later this week.

However, the game also announced a potentially game-changing new feature in a new dynamic weather system. Local weather conditions will now affect Pokemon spawns and battles, as well as the appearance of the overworld map. For instance, Mudkip is more likely to appear during rainy weather, while Charizard's Fire-Type attacks are more effective on sunny days. Cacnea and Snorunt were also mentioned as Pokemon whose spawns are affected by the current weather.

Certain weather patterns will also boost a Pokemon's CP and give players more Stardust for capturing Pokemon.

Six different weather patterns were officially announced for the game: sunny, rainy, partly cloudy, snowy, foggy, and windy. We should also note that one of the new Pokemon coming to Pokemon Go is Castform, whose form changes based on weather conditions. Players can "see" which weather pattern is in effect via a small icon in the lower right hand corner of the game screen.

More Pokemon will be added in the coming weeks, and it's likely that Pokemon Go will push all of the Hoenn Pokemon over the next month or so.

We'll have more news about the changes in the coming hours. Get excited, Pokemon Go fans! This could be the biggest addition to the game yet!