How to Beat Kyogre in Pokemon Go

There's a new Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Yesterday, Pokemon Go added Kyogre as a new [...]

There's a new Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

Yesterday, Pokemon Go added Kyogre as a new Legendary Raid Boss for players to battle and capture. Kyogre is a powerful Water-Type Pokemon and will be invaluable to players looking to wash away their opponents in gyms and other raid battles.

Of course, like other Raid Bosses, Kyogre won't be easy to beat. Not only is Kyogre a powerful Water-Type Pokemon, it has charge moves that can knock out a Pokemon in just one shot.

Like other Raid Bosses, the easiest way to beat Kyogre is with superior numbers. A raid with 20 participants won't have any trouble clearing Kyogre. But if you can't find a huge group to raid with, you might want to follow these tips to make your battle against Kyogre a little easier:

Electric-Types Are King

As a pure Water-Type Pokemon, Kyogre is only weak to Grass and Electric-Type attacks. Unfortunately, there's a 33% chance that Kyogre will have Blizzard as its charge move, which will wipe out a lot of Grass-Type Pokemon in just one hit.

That means that you'll want to lean on Electric-Type Pokemon to fight Kyogre. Raikou is the best counter for Kyogre, especially when armed with Thunder Shock and Wild Charge. All of Raikou's attacks are Electric-Types, but Thunder is probably its weakest charge move due to its relatively low damage and long charge time.

While Zapdos has a higher Attack stat than Raikou, it's not as valuable due to its weakness to Ice-Type attacks. Zapdos will go down to just one Blizzard attack, so Zapdos is a glass cannon as best.


Other Potential Counters

While Grass-Type Pokemon are weak to Blizzard, they do have a resistance to Kyogre's other charge moves. If you know what sort of moves Kyogre has beforehand, you can predict whether you should load up your raid team with some Grass-Type attackers.

If you want to bring some Grass-Type Pokemon into the battle, you probably want to start with Sceptile. Sceptile will go down to a Blizzard attack, but Leaf Blade will make a dent into Kyogre's HP. Exeggutor and Venusaur are also useful, especially when armed with Solar Beam.

Of course, the strongest Solar Beam attackers aren't actually Grass-Type Pokemon. Groudon and Ho-Oh both have Solar Beam in their movepool and are surprisingly useful despite their weakness to Water-Type attacks. Ho-Oh should survive at least one of Kyogre's charge attacks, and Groudon is actually resistant to Kyogre's Thunder attack.

Other strong counters include Dragonite (who is resistant to both Thunder and Hydro Pump), Mewtwo (can't go wrong with its superior attack ability) and Ludicolo (who is a bit bulky and doesn't have weaknesses to any of Kyogre's attacks).


Weather also plays a role in how you should approach Kyogre. You should avoid battling Kyogre in snowy weather, as its already dangerous Blizzard attack becomes even more powerful. Rainy weather will boost Kyogre's Hydro Pump and Thunder attacks, but it also makes it a lot more vulnerable to Electric-Type attacks from Pokemon like Raikou and Jolteon. If facing Kyogre in rainy weather, just load up your team with Electric-Type Pokemon, as even underwhelming Pokemon like Manectric will come in handy on a second raid team.

Dragonite and Mewtwo become a lot more effective in Windy and Foggy weather respectively, so don't be afraid to use these great generalists when the weather isn't cooperating!

Raid Group Size

The consensus is that it'll take between 5-7 experienced Pokemon trainers to consistently defeat Kyogre. A group of 3-4 trainers should be able to take down Kyogre if they have enough high level Pokemon specialized to take down this massive Water-Type Legendary.

Good luck on your quest to bring down Kyogre and add it to your team!