Suggesting Pokemon Go Locations Is About to Get a Lot Easier

Pokemon Go players will soon have a new way of suggesting locations for PokeStops and gyms. Earlier this week, Niantic - the company that developed Pokemon Go and other AR games - announced Niantic Wayfarer, a new tool designed to help players identify and vet spots that can be used in Pokemon Go and other Niantic games. The tool is simple - players will sign up, nominate potential points of interest, and then review the nominations of others based on a few simple rules. Unique spots are encouraged, while places on private property or are hard to find are discouraged. Those that receive high ratings will become Wayspots, which will then become PokeStops in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go players have wanted ways to add more PokeStops since the game was released back in 2016. While urban areas have plenty of PokeStops and gyms to explore, rural and suburban areas don't have the same density, in part because there aren't as many players who live out in those areas. While Pokemon Go has taken steps to correct this (in part by giving Level 40 players in many countries the ability to nominate PokeStops), this is a much needed step to improving the quality of play for those who don't live in urban areas.

Previously, the best way of adding PokeStops or gyms to Pokemon Go was to play Ingress, Niantic's first AR game, and level up to the point where you could nominate locations. If a spot was chosen, it would eventually get brought into Pokemon Go.

You can learn more about the Niantic Wayfarer system by viewing the video. You can also sign up for the program by heading to Niantic's website.