Pokemon Go Debunks Alleged Raid Boss Catching Trick

An official from Niantic has officially debunked a popular Pokemon Go myth. Earlier today, a community liaison from Niantic confirmed that the "Don't Press Okay" trick doesn't actually make it easier to catch Raid Bosses.

We first reported on the "Don't Press Okay" superstition last month, which claims that players who don't press okay after catching a Raid Boss will somehow increase the Raid Boss's catch rate for other players in that Raid Group. The trick's based around the idea that Pokemon Go somehow pre-sets the number of players who are able to catch a Raid Boss, an idea that doesn't sync up with how we know Pokemon Go works.

Although we noted that there wasn't any real proof that the trick worked, enough players had "seen" it in action to believe that it was a real trick that worked.

In fact, one Redditor that runs a Pokemon Go Facebook group claimed that over 50% of his Facebook group's user believed in the myth, which prompted Niantic to comment on the rumor. "If you're still looking for a definitive answer, here you go: this is a myth," the liaison said.

However, even an official comment from Niantic probably won't be enough to dispel this myth for good. There's a lot of misinformation about Pokemon Go on the Internet and it doesn't help that Niantic's communication with its fanbase has been...unreliable at best. There's also the issue that some of Pokemon Go's urban legends ended up being true, such as the infamous "Last Ball" glitch that many players didn't believe until Niantic admitted that there was an issue with the game.


One of Pokemon Go's Reddit communities even went as far as to make an infographic quoting Niantic's representative in the hopes of countering the superstition's spread. However, we're guessing that a lot of players will continue to insist that the trick works...even when there's plenty of information out there that proves otherwise.