Pokemon Go May Charge Money to Transfer Pokemon to Pokemon Home

pokemon home
(Photo: Nintendo)

A question found on a Japanese Pokemon page raises some disturbing implications about the upcoming connectivity between Pokemon Go and Pokemon Home. Earlier today, the Pokemon Company announced that it would add connectivity to Pokemon Go to Pokemon Home, the cloud-based storage service meant to act as a "permanent" home for a player's Pokemon, regardless of what game it came from. However, Joe Merrick from Serebii pointed out that a question on the Japanese Pokemon support page asks how many PokeCoins is required to transfer a Pokemon between Pokemon Go and Pokemon Home. The page doesn't give a definitive answer (it tells you to check out Pokemon Go after the connectivity is added) but it certainly suggests that players will need to use PokeCoins to move their Pokemon from Pokemon Go to Pokemon Home.

While players can earn a small amount of PokeCoins for free on a daily basis, you can also purchase them from the in-game store and the currency is how players pay for premium items. If Niantic plans to charge players to move Pokemon out of their service, it would almost definitely be met with wide resistance. Complicating matters is the fact that players need to make a transfer between Pokemon Go and Pokemon Home to get a special Melmetal that Gigantamaxes. Players can also activate their Mystery Box (which attracts Meltan in Pokemon Go) when they make a transfer to Pokemon Home.

Now - this is all based on one question found on a Japanese site, and there's been no other word from either Niantic or the Pokemon Company that players will have to pay money to move their Pokemon to Pokemon Home. Players can also transfer Gen 1 Pokemon for free from Pokemon Go by using Pokemon: Let's Go as an intermediary, so there's a precedent for players not paying.

ComicBook.com has reached out to Niantic for comment and will update this article when they respond.