Pokemon Go Claims That PvP and Trading Are Still Planned

Pokemon Go has a ton of new features coming out soon, but some much requested features are still missing.

While discussing the just announced new features with IGN, Niantic marketing lead Archit Bhargava noted that there were still plans to bring trading and PvP into Pokemon Go, but not immediately.

"Trading was mentioned in the initial launch trailer of the game, so that is definitely something that we want to get to at some point," Bhargava told IGN. "I think the priority has always been, you know, what is the feature that we can launch now that we feel will get the community excited and energized."

Bhargava noted that, while trading and PvP battles were still on the "roadmap" for Pokemon Go, it could still be a while before they were added to the game. "We just haven’t fully investigated those and talked about how would we want to bring those into Pokemon Go," Bhargava admitted.

Bhargava explained that, while features like trading were still planned for down the road, the dynamic weather feature was prioritized because of the release of new Pokemon. "[W]e definitely felt the need to bring out the Hoenn region Pokemon, so that became the focus, and dynamic weather came through that."


During the interview, Bhargava also noted that developers were "actively" looking into raising the maximum level cap, as well as more bag space for items and Pokemon. Pokemon Go previously increased the maximum Pokemon and item limit back in February when they added "Gen 2" Pokemon to the game, but they haven't touched the maximum level cap since the game came out in 2016.

As for what's coming next, Bhargava stated that Niantic uses December as a planning month for the next year in order to start "spec-ing out" new features and planning how to market them. Hopefully, they come up with something as unexpected and surprising as their latest announcement.