Pokemon Go Has Some New Shiny Pokemon

Pokemon Go is celebrating the addition with "Gen 3" Pokemon with two new Shiny Pokemon.

Pokemon Go players have reported finding Shiny versions of Absol and Mawile, two of the new Pokemon that were added to the game on Friday. Both Absol and Mawile were added as new raid bosses, and their Shiny forms were caught after players beat them in raids.

Shiny Pokemon have a variant coloration than their non-Shiny counterparts and highly prized due to their rarities. While Absol's white fur remains the same, its Shiny variation has dark pink skin instead of a deep purple/black. Shiny Mawile's black patches of skin are also replaced with a bright purple coloration.

Here's a solid look at Shiny Absol in the game:

And here's Shiny Mawile:

Absol and Mawile are the latest Pokemon to join the relatively exclusive list of Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Magikarp, Gyarados, Pichu, Pikachu, Raichu, Shuppet, Bandette, Duskull, Dusclops, and Sableye all have Shiny variants too, each of which were introduced during a different special event.

There's still a couple of questions that need to be sorted out with these new Shiny Pokemon. For one thing, we currently can't confirm whether Mawile or Absol actually spawn in the wild. So far, players have only seen both Pokemon as raid bosses, but it's still pretty early in the feeling out process.


We'll be covering all of Pokemon Go's big changes throughout the weekend, so stay tuned for more coverage!