Pokemon Go Adds New Shiny Legendary

A new Shiny Legendary Pokemon is available to battle and catch in Pokemon Go. Earlier today, Pokemon Go announced that "Altered Forme" Giratina has cycled back into rotation as a Legendary Raid Boss. This powerful Ghost/Dragon-type Pokemon is one of the stronger Pokemon in Pokemon Go, and now players have a chance at obtaining its Shiny variant by defeating it in a gym battle. Altered Forme Giratina will remain as a Raid Boss between now and October 17th.

Shiny Pokemon are variant-colored Pokemon that are prized due to their rarity both in main series Pokemon games and in Pokemon Go. Giratina has a tan body with blue and white accents and looks much less threatening than it does usually. While Altered Forme Giratina isn't as valuable as Origin Forme Giratina (which has different stats), it's still a great Pokemon to have in your collection, especially if it has Dragon Claw as a Charge move.

As a Ghost/Dragon-type Pokemon, players will want to bring mostly Dragon-type and Ghost-type Pokemon. Pokemon like Rayquaza, Salamence, Tyranitar (with Dark-type moves), or Gengar are all among the most effective Pokemon to bring into a Giratina raid battle. Players can also use Ice-type and Fairy-type Pokemon to round out your team.

Altered Forme Giratina looks to be the only Legendary Pokemon available in raids right now. Other Raid Bosses include Togetic, Houndoom, Granbull, Sneasel, and Sableye. Recently added Pokemon Klink and Patrat are also available to battle as low level Raid Bosses.


You can battle Giratina in raids between now and October 17th.