'Pokemon Go' Gets a Surprise New Update to Fix Bugs

Pokemon Go dropped a surprise update overnight, but only to fix some minor image issues. Niantic launched Version 0.75.1 to select players as a soft launch of sorts, although it wasn't immediately noticeable what the game actually fixed.

The notes for the new Pokemon Go update noted that the update contained "bug fixes," although it declined to state which bugs were fixed. There's currently a number of bugs plaguing Pokemon Go, ranging from a "green screen" bug that can keep players from catching Raid Bosses to a bug that causes the player avatar to take on the characteristics of their Buddy Pokemon.

A datamine of the new update revealed only minor changes to the resolution of certain image assets. While over 160 images were changed in the new update, it's really difficult to see what the difference between the old and new images are, at least at first glance.

While this update won't excite many Pokemon Go players, we do know that the game's developers still have big plans for later this year. The Pokemon Company recently confirmed that Pokemon Go will have a Halloween event and hinted that more Pokemon could be coming to the game soon. Pokemon Go is also still testing the EX Raid mechanic, which gives select players a chance to battle Mewtwo. Trading and PvP battles are also still in Pokemon Go's longterm plans, but could be a little further away.

We'll have more coverage of the new Pokemon Go update if it fixes any major bugs or contains some unexpected surprises.