Pokemon Home Update Released, Patch Notes Revealed

The Pokemon Company's Pokemon Home service used to transport Pokemon from one game to another and to complete players' Pokedex listings among other things got an update recently. The update in question was a relatively small one in terms of what's changed given that we're not in the midst of any new Pokemon launches right now, so there's nothing to be done in terms of compatibility. It mainly added a new option to wholly delete one's account should they choose to do so with the same update also addressing a couple of issues.

Though Pokemon Home is available on the Nintendo Switch as well as Android and iOS devices, this update appears to have only gone out for the mobile platforms. Nintendo's support site for the application still lists the May 26th update as the most recent one for the Switch, so it's unclear when this next update will come to the Switch. The May 26th update, by comparison, released for all platforms on the same day.

Regardless, it's out now for mobile devices. You can see the brief patch notes for the Version 2.0.2 update below to see what's new:

Pokemon Home Version 2.0.2 Patch Notes

  • Added the ability for users to delete their accounts
  • Addressed an issue in which the location where a Pokemon was first met wouldn't be displayed under certain circumstances
  • Addressed an issue in which your search criteria would sometimes not be reflected when searching for specific Pokemon on the GTS
  • Other issues have also been addressed in order to ensure a user-friendly experience

With Pokemon Home usable in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Radiant Pearl, the app's all caught up on its compatibility requirements ahead of the release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. These new games will be out in November, and as Nintendo has already confirmed, they'll support Pokemon Home connections after the games release. Nintendo did remind players that games compatible with Pokemon Home "can receive only Pokémon that can be obtained in that particular game," so that aspect of the service hasn't changed.

Pokemon Home's latest update is now available for mobile platforms.