Pokemon Legends: Arceus Gets a 13-Minute Preview

The Pokemon Company has released its largest preview yet of Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Earlier today, The Pokemon Company posted a 13 minute preview of its upcoming Pokemon game, detailing all the various ways the game will differ from other Pokemon games. The preview contains several new bits of new information and provides fans with their most comprehensive look at the new Pokemon game ahead of its release at the end of this month. The preview also contains several extended looks at Pokemon battles, missions in the wild, and even glimpses at just how big the Hisui region will be. You can check out the full trailer below: 

One of the major new bits of information contained in the new Pokemon Legends: Arceus trailer is how players will collect items throughout the game. As noted in previous trailers, crafting will be a major part of the game and players will need to collect resources during their missions into the wild. Players can use their Pokemon to break rocks or knock items off of trees and then use those resources to craft items back at survey camps. 

The trailer also explained how Pokemon encounter will work in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Players will see wild Pokemon roaming throughout the environment and will have the opportunity to sneak up on it to potentially catch it without a fight. Sneaking up on a wild Pokemon and hitting it with a caught Pokemon's Poke Ball will trigger a battle and will allow players to get an extra attack in before the other Pokemon makes a move. If a Pokemon sees the player, they will enter an active state and can't be hit with a Poke Ball without a battle. 

Pokemon Legends: Arceus players will be able to complete both requests and missions throughout the game. Missions are tied to the main storyline of the game, while requests are side missions that involve a specific request, such as catching a specific Pokemon or seeing a Pokemon use a certain move in battle. Players will have the opportunity to earn items, and completing survey missions will give the players an opportunity to increase their rank in the game. 

The trailer also confirmed that players can still trade with other players through the trade post, an area within Jubilife Village. 

Pokemon Legends: Arceus will be released on January 28, 2022.