Pokemon Movie Trailer to Be Revealed December 11th

Pokemon fans will get their first look at the upcoming anime movie on December 11th.

The Pokemon Company confirmed that a new trailer for the upcoming unnamed Pokemon anime movie will premiere on the Japanese variety show Oha Suta next Monday. We'll likely learn the movie's full title and get a glimpse of what threat Ash and Pikachu will have to face.

The new anime movie will likely be the first to be set in the Alola region, the tropical group of islands at which Ash and Pikachu are currently living and studying. Ash moved to the Alola region at the beginning of Pokemon the Series: Sun and Moon to study at a Pokemon school run by Professor Oak's cousin. Instead of traveling companions, Ash has several classmates who accompany him on various adventures, although he rarely makes extended trips due to his school travels.

Last year's movie, Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You, was a retelling of Ash and Pikachu's first meeting and subsequent trip to meet the Legendary Pokemon Ho-Oh.


Next year's movie could also reveal a lot about the Pokemon franchise's immediate plans. If the movie uses the Mythical Pokemon Zeraora (which was found in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon's code, but hasn't been officially revealed yet) or previously unseen Pokemon, it could indicate that the Pokemon franchise is about done with the current generation and is ready to move on to the hotly anticipated Pokemon Switch game. However, if new Pokemon don't make an appearance, it could mean that Pokemon fans should be prepared to wait a little longer.

We'll have more coverage of the new Pokemon movie next week, along with what it could mean for the Pokemon franchise.