Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Drops Another Tease About Strange New Pokemon

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet continues to tease the existence of an engine-like Pokemon. Yesterday, The Pokemon Company revealed new information about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, the upcoming Pokemon games set in the Paldea region. The trailera showdown against Team Star revealed the three main storylines of the game, which include a showdown against Team Star, a group of school delinquents. Interestingly, battling Team Star will involve fighting waves of trainers and Pokemon before a final battle against a Team Star Boss and their Starmobile. The Starmobile actually factors into combat, with players having to defeat the Starmobile during the battle. 

The Pokemon Company revealed new information about Pokemon Scarlet and VioletWhile it might seem strange for a Pokemon to battle a large car, a piece of key art released alongside the trailer gave a big clue why the Starmobile might be able to attack you. The artwork (shown below) depicts the game's protagonists as they are confronted by a number of Team Star goons, with a Starmobile looming behind them. Interestingly, the Starmobile has a noticeable eye and a tongue coming out of its engine. 


We reported a few weeks ago about a leak that claimed that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet would include a new "engine" Pokemon. As the image above suggests, it appears that the Pokemon is literally an engine. While the typing is unknown, the leaker suggested that the Pokemon would be a Steel/Poison-type Pokemon, which matches the general traits of an emissions-producing engine. Hopefully, more information about the mystery Pokemon will be revealed soon. 

The new trailer also revealed the new Pokemon Klawf, a Rock-type crab Pokemon, and Amarouge and Ceruledge, a pair of humanoid armor-wearing Pokemon. The latter two Pokemon are exclusive to either Pokemon Scarlet or Pokemon Violet, and we wouldn't be surprised if they have some sort of tie to the main plotline of the story. 

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be released on November 18th.