Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Leak Claims Another New Pokemon Was Hidden in Newest Trailer

A Pokemon Scarlet and Violet leaker claims that one more new Pokemon was secretly introduced during this week's Pokemon Direct. Earlier this week, The Pokemon Company introduced three new Pokemon that will appear in this fall's Pokemon Scarlet and Violet games. However, a notorious leaker with a track record of insider knowledge about the new Pokemon games claims that the most recent trailer showed off one additional new Pokemon hidden in plain sight. Riddler Khu, who hinted at the appearance of both Fidough and Cetitan before the release of the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trailer, claims that a floating hot rod that appears within the trailer contains a Poison/Steel-type Pokemon that resembles an engine. You can check out the full tweet below. 

While it seems odd for a Pokemon to be shaped like a hot rod engine, the Pokemon franchise does have a history of using inanimate objects as inspiration for various kinds of Pokemon. Recent examples include Klefki (which resembles a keychain), Aegislash (which resembles a sword/shield combination), and Chandelure (which looks like a chandelier.) More importantly, this would also be the first Poison/Steel-type Pokemon, which would be especially effective against Pokemon like Fidough.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be the first pair of Pokemon games to have a true "open world" experience, with players able to explore the entirety of the Paldea region without having to follow a set path. The new games will also have multiplayer functionality to allow multiple players the option of traveling together throughout the region. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will also introduced the Terastal phenomenon, which crystallizes Pokemon and gives them a boost to one of their types. 


While Riddler Khu has a track record of being correct about various Pokemon facts, fans should still taking his "riddles" with a grain of salt. We'll have to see whether Khu is correct when Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are released on November 18th.