Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Leak Reveals First Season of Rewards

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet rewards for the games' competitive players have leaked already with the Series 1 rewards revealed early. This premature reveal comes just around the time that The Pokemon Company confirmed the rules and guidelines for the first series of competitive play which is where players will be able to earn these rewards. The Pokemon Company has not yet officially confirmed these rewards, so they're subject to change, but the leak gives an idea of what players will be working towards.

CentroLeaks, the Twitter account that got shut down for leaking too much Pokemon stuff and taunting Nintendo, returned recently with the leak about the ranked season rewards planned for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. League Points, the alternate currency used in the new Pokemon games to buy things like general store items and clothing options, will be the primary reward distributed to players at every tier. The "Beginner Tier" will naturally award players with the lowest amount at just a paltry 5,000 League Points being distributed while the lofty "Master Ball Tier" will award 100,000 League Points and more including some valuable endgame items like a Gold Bottle Cap, a Bottle Cap, an Ability Capsule, and the Tera Blast TM.

The first season of ranked play is set to end on January 4th, CentroLeaks said, though note that the official announcement about the Series 1 Regulations indicates that the Series 1 session will end on January 31st.

If you head to the "News" section within your menu after connecting to the Internet in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, you'll be able to see the full list of eligible Pokemon. Basically, any Pokemon that's a Legendary, a Paradox Pokemon, or something that can't be caught in Paldea but can still be acquired somehow (like a Galarian Meowth) has been banned. It's also worth pointing out that Houndstone, a Pokemon which has been banned from some competitive Pokemon circuits, has not been banned from Series 1 matches, so Houndstone users are free to use their Pokemon there, for now.


Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's first season of ranked play will get underway starting on December 2nd, so expect to see a full reveal of the official rewards planned for the season in the future.