Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: How to Evolve Tarountula

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's new Bug-type Pokemon are among its best yet. Every Pokemon game has a tradition of introducing one or more Bug-type Pokemon available in the early parts of the game that evolve at low levels to provide players with an early glimpse of how the evolution mechanic works. In the new games, players can find two new Bug-type Pokemon in the early parts of the game – the spider-like Tarountula and the cricket-like Nymble. Tarountula can be found in the opening path of the game, while Nymble can quickly be found no matter which path players take when they depart Mesagoza.

Tarountula is described as a "String Ball Pokemon" and looks like a spider with a ball of yarn on its back. Tarountula's Pokedex entry notes that it is a natural enemy to Scyther and actually uses its string to deflect the blades of Scyther – its natural enemy in the wild. 


While Tarountula doesn't seem all that impressive, its evolved form Spidops is nightmare fuel. Based off of the ogre-faced spider, Spidops is a stone-cold killer that uses its spider thread to silently take out its prey. One of Spidops' abilities is Stakeout, which increases the power of moves used against a Pokemon that has just switched into battle, making it extra dangerous to Pokemon in trainer battles. Appropriately, Spidops' signature move is Silk Trap, which protects it from damage while also lowering the Speed stat of any Pokemon that makes physical contact with it. 


Like many other Bug-type Pokemon, Tarountula has a pretty basic evolution requirement – the Pokemon evolves into Spidops beginning at Level 15. 

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is available now on the Nintendo Switch