Pokemon Sword and Shield Isle of Armor Map Revealed

The new Pokemon Sword and Shield trailer has revealed our first look at the map for Isle of Armor, the game's first of two planned expansions. Unfortunately, our first look isn't a detailed look, but the image provided in the trailer does provide a general sense of the island, which is bigger than some players thought it would be. Further, despite being an island, it seems pretty geographical diverse, which is par the course for a Pokemon game.

As you can see via the image below, the southwest of the island is a large water area. Meanwhile, the most northern part of the island appears to be more dry, and features a massive tower. And then in between these parts of the island is a lot of green, rivers, and what looks like two towns. Meanwhile, there's also a variety of smaller islands around the major island, including one that's very peculiarly shaped, and that features a large tree at the center of it.

As for the size of the island, it's very small compared to the map of the base game, however, it's unclear just how much of the water around it will be explorable. In other words, it's difficult to determine just how big it is.

isle of armor
(Photo: Nintendo)

For those that don't know: The Isle of Armor is poised to be Pokemon Sword and Shield's first expansion. Right now, it's scheduled to release sometime in June 2020, and will be followed by The Crown Tundra expansion.

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