Pokemon Sword and Shield Celebrates December With Snow in Every Part of the Wild Area

Pokemon Sword and Shield is getting some snow to celebrate the start of December. To celebrate the beginning of the month, every part of Pokemon Sword and Shield will have Snowy weather. While different areas typically have different weather effects, the full Wild Area will have snow throughout the entire day. That means that Pokemon like Mr. Mime, Snorunt, and Abomasnow will all be available to encounter and capture throughout the day. According to the Pokemon database/news site Serebii, this will be a monthly occurrence, so the first of every month will feature a different weather pattern that's locked across the Wild Area.

The Wild Area is a massive semi-open world area in the heart of the Galar region. Unlike other areas in Pokemon Sword and Shield, the Wild Area features a movable camera, dynamic weather, and Pokemon that scale in level as the trainer progresses through the game. The Wild Area also features Max Raid Battles, which pits up to four trainers against a Dynamaxed Pokemon.

While Snowy weather isn't exactly exciting, it does give players the opportunity to capture high level versions of certain Pokemon, including Glaceon and Avalugg. Players can find Glaceon in the Lake of Outrage area hanging out by the circle of standing stones, while Avalugg will appear near the top of the cliff in the Lake of Outrage area.

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