Stunning New Pokemon Artwork Shows Ultra Beasts in Their Natural Environment

The alternate universes of Ultra Beasts have come alive thanks to some amazing new promotional [...]

The alternate universes of Ultra Beasts have come alive thanks to some amazing new promotional artwork.

This weekend, Pokemon Centers around Japan launched a new "Rainbow Rocket" takeover event, in which new Rainbow Rocket merchandise took over the shelves of the stores. Special banners were hung up all over the stores, announcing that the evil Pokemon group had taken over the stores through March.

While thousands of Pokemon fans flocked to the stores for the start of the Rainbow Rocket event, that's not what has many fans talking. The Pokemon Centers also hung up a new poster that showed the powerful and dangerous Ultra Beasts in their natural environment, along with a date for a mysterious new "Fall of the Ultra Beasts" event.

The Ultra Beasts are a new kind of Pokemon that live in alternate worlds accessed via Ultra Space. Each Ultra Beast lives in its own alternate world, some of which are implied to be very similar to our own. Players got the chance to visit some of these worlds in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, checking out hazardous wastelands, volcanic mountains, and even serene forests while searching for various Ultra Beasts.

The new poster (which can be seen below) gives players a stunning new look at the worlds of the Ultra Beasts, including a few that we have never seen before. The poster shows off new looks at the worlds of Stakataka and Blacephalon, the two new Ultra Beasts seen in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Both of these Pokemon only appeared in the real world, so we never saw where they came from.

Official Ultra Beast Promotional Artwork from the Pokemon Center Japan from pokemon

Some Pokemon fans got excited over the new "Fall of the Ultra Beasts" event, but they should probably temper their expectations. The new poster mentions that new Ultra Beast merchandise will be released on March 24th. There's a chance we could see a new Ultra Beast giveaway as part of the event, but it's just as likely that this will be limited to Japan only.

Hopefully, the Pokemon Company will release a high resolution version of this gorgeous new artwork sometime soon, so that players around the world can marvel at the strange new Pokemon worlds.