Pokemon Unite Reveals Next Pokemon

Pokemon Unite has announced a surprising addition to its upcoming roster. Over the weekend, Pokemon Unite announced that Clefable would join the roster on October 13th. The surprise announcement came as part of a Harvest Moon event that took place over the weekend and featured tie-ins from multiple Pokemon games and services. At this time, no moves have been announced for Clefable (or its pre-evolution Clefairy), nor do we know the Pokemon's type within the game. A preview video was released for Clefairy, which can be viewed below:

Clefable follows a string of new additions to Pokemon Unite geared around the game's first anniversary. Pokemon Unite released Mew at the beginning of the month and is set to release Scyther/Scizor and Dodrio by early October. Scyther/Scizor is notably the first Pokemon that players have the option to evolve mid-game. Every other Pokemon has a mandatory evolution.

Pokemon Unite is a MOBA-style free-to-play game featuring 5v5 team battles. Players control a single Pokemon and level it up by defeating wild Pokemon and opponents. Players also collect Aeos Energy from wild Pokemon and try to score goals on their opponent's side. While the game is missing several features from traditional Pokemon games (such as type advantages), it's still a fun blend of MOBA-style tactics and classic Pokemon. While the game is free-to-play, players have to purchase Unite Licenses from the in-game store in order to use those Pokemon in matches. Unite Licenses can be purchased either using Aeos Coins, an in-game currency earned by playing matches, or using a premium currency purchased with real-world money.

Pokemon Unite is currently free-to-play on Nintendo Switch and mobile devices. Individual Pokemon can be purchased through the in-game store.