PS4 Exclusive Dreams Gets A Lot More Colourful With New Screenshots

Dreams Screen PSX17 3 1512803144

When the PlayStation 4 exclusive Dreams was unveiled, many instantly thought of the newest title as calming and lulling with its surreal colour schemes and art style. After the official reveal went down, the team over at Media Molecule released even more screenshots to show off the charming nature of the new exclusive.

The screenshots below show off different aspects to the game: the beautiful, relaxing side - and the grittier "real" side. Both look uniquely charming and have us wanting to know more about the upcoming title. The trailer above gave some good insight as to what the Dreams has to offer, and looking at the additional screenshots make it even more intriguing.

At this time, there is no release date at this time other than it is planned for a 2018 launch. The studio directors also hosted a panel at 12:30 PM PT on December 9th, with a Saturday meet up for 7 PM PT. This will allow interested fans to ask whatever questions they may have about the colourful new game! To learn more, check out the official website right here.

Dreams Screen PSX17 2 1512803140
Dreams Screen PSX17 1 1512803136
Dreams Screen PSX17 6 1512803155
Dreams Screen PSX17 5 1512803152
Dreams Screen PSX17 4 1512803148

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