New PS4 RPG Shutting Down Only Two Months After Release

A new RPG that was released only two months ago on PlayStation 4 is already shutting down. On a long enough timeline, most games that release on PlayStation consoles and contain an online component end up shuttering at some point. However, most of these shutdowns tends to happen a very, very long time after launch. In the case of this PS4 title, though, the developers have merely decided to pull the plug after running into a litany of issues.

As announced by developer Appirits recently, the PS4 port of Kemono Friends 3 is now being shut down as a whole. Originally released on mobile and PC platforms, Kemono Friends 3 is a free-to-play RPG that was initially made by Sega. Following its success on these platforms, a PS4 version was then announced and eventually launched on June 6, 2022. Sadly, the PS4 version ran into some huge problems which has resulted in Appirits now abandoning Kemono Friends 3 roughly two months after release. 

Perhaps the most absurd thing about this shutdown of Kemono Friends 3 on PS4 is that the game itself hasn't even been playable for well over a month. Ten days after releasing for PS4, Kemono Friends 3 ran into a bug that wouldn't allow players to log-in to play the game. Appirits quickly began looking for a solution to the problem and kept fans updated on its progress with the situation. Sadly, as we have now learned, the game will never end up getting fixed as Appirits has deemed the problem "extremely difficult and the solution is not realistic."

The only good part of this situation is that Appirits has also made it known that it will be refunding players who spent money on the PS4 version of Kemono Friends 3 in the future. Although these refund plans aren't solidified just yet, the studio says that it is planning to receive information from players who spent money on the game via a form that it will release later. 

All in all, this has to be one of the most bizarre PS4 game releases that we've ever seen. Again, while older games shutting down is somewhat normal, to see that the PS4 edition of Kemono Friends 3 only had a lifespan of ten days is truly unreal. Hopefully, those who were looking forward to the game enjoyed it while it lasted. 

[H/T Gematsu]