PlayStation Giving PS4 Players $10 for Free

PlayStation is giving PS4 players $10 for free. Last month, PlayStation Plus turned 10 years old. To celebrate, Sony gave all PS4 users a free theme. Naturally, this wasn't the type of "celebration" PS4 users were hoping for. That said, perhaps addressing this disappointment, Sony is now giving PlayStation Plus subscribers $10 in PlayStation Store credit for free. That's it. There's no strings attached. However, it looks like the freebie isn't going out to everyone.

While many PS4 users have reported that they've received the gift, many are also reporting that they've received nothing, suggesting Sony is sending out the free $10 to a limited number of subscribers. Further, it appears to be completely random.

Of course, if you haven't received anything yet, it's possible this could change in the coming hours and days. That said, it's also quite likely that you've simply missed out on this round of free PSN credit.

Thankfully, PlayStation typically does these types of giveaways a few times each year. So, while you may have been skipped this round, there's always next time.

At the moment of publishing, PlayStation has said nothing about this free giveaway, leaving PlayStation Plus subscribers with nothing but speculation about how limited the giveaway is. Unfortunately, PlayStation usually doesn't comment on giveaways of this ilk, which means further details at this point are unlikely. That said, be sure to check your account over the next few days.


As for the gift itself, $10 of PSN credit may not seem like much, but thanks to the latest PlayStation Store sale, it does net you the following games:

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