PS4 Players Are Frustrated With Bizarre PSN Feature

The PlayStation 4 and PSN have some strange, puzzling limitations and design flaws. Or at least they did at launch back in 2013. Sony Interactive Entertainment has been good at addressing, squashing, and remedying many of the issues the system initially had. However, a new feature limitation has been discovered -- or is at least finally getting attention -- and PS4 players are shocked by the bizarre design flaw. More specifically, a post complaining about PSN's cloud save limit has been making the rounds. Now, I know what you're thinking: there's a cloud save limit on PS4? Apparently.

Twitter user Dizzy Ziddy recently took to the social media site to complain about the "ridiculous" file size cap of 100GB. More specifically, how it's such an arbitrary number that can't be reached because there's a quantity of cloud saves you can have. That's right, you can only have 1,000 cloud saves, which you will hit way before 100GB of data.

Now, it's a bit unclear if this is an actual limitation or some type of bug in the system, but the former seems to be the case. Of course, many PS4 owners won't run into this problem unless they own and play a ton of games, but it's not as hard to hit 1,000 cloud saves as you'd think. Players will often have at least a dozen saves for certain games like The Witcher 3 or Skyrim. And there's also a ton of games that take a lot of autosaves. In other words, while most users aren't running into this problem, it's not a trivial matter either.

At the moment of publishing, Sony hasn't commented on the issue, and it probably won't unless it gains considerable more traction. And, as you will know, PlayStation moves pretty slow when it comes to addressing the shortcomings of PSN. Just look how it took to add name changes.


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