PS5 Simulator Lets You Pretend You Have a New PlayStation

If you’re one of the many people who’s eager to hop into the next generation of consoles with the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X but you don’t yet have one of the new consoles, there’s a new game out now that’s perfect for you. It’s called PS5 Simulator,” and as the name suggests, it’s a simulation that’ll allow you to pretend you’ve got a new PlayStation to set up and play. It’s free to download and play which means you can use it to keep yourself busy until your console eventually does arrive.

The PS5 Simulator experience was created by game developer Alex Grade who said the simulation features “top-notch realistic graphics” and the “worst cable management” to make the experience even more lifelike. You can see what the setup process of a virtual PlayStation 5 looks like in the gameplay clips below from moments like when a player receives their PlayStation 5 to the fabled physics that let you toss your DualSense at the TV.

Throughout the simulation, you’ll have to do all the mundane things you normally have to take care of that stand in the way of your excitement whenever you get a new console. That includes waiting for the package to get there, finding the right tools and supplies you need to get it opened and hooked up, and having to charge your devices before using them. You even have to fix your wi-fi and get some snacks while you wait on things to load and install just like you would if you had the real deal.

You won’t be playing Knack 3 on the new PlayStation 5 whenever you get yours in, but it’s at least got several other options to keep you busy for a while. The new Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales game, for example, is on the PlayStation 5 as one of the games that bridged the gap between the PlayStation 4 and the new generation. The Demon’s Souls remake is also on the PlayStation 5, but you’ll only be playing that on the new console since it didn’t come to the PlayStation 5.