PUBG Maintains One Million Concurrent Players on Steam for a Full Year


Some Battle Royale fans got a little worried when Epic Games' Fortnite began chipping away at the momentum of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, wondering if PUBG Corp's big hit would see any long-term damage as a result — but fans can rest assured, as the game has kept one million concurrent players every day for the past year.

Based on this report from GamesIndustry International, the hit Battle Royale-themed game has had no trouble maintaining momentum. It has managed to become the first game ever on the Steam service to reach and keep one million concurrent players every single day for the past year. Not once did it drop below that mark, even with Fortnite thriving like it is.

A tracking site named SteamDB has posted some interesting numbers from the game, showing off how it dipped a little bit in popularity since around March 2018, but still maintained enough of an audience to keep the game from dropping in popularity. You can see the chart below.

(Photo: SteamDB)

While the game hasn't gone back up to the 3.2 million concurrent players it attained back in January, it's still doing reasonably well.

But the real question is where it goes from here. As you can see, the game just barely got by its September mark with the 100,000 users, leaving us wondering where it'll be in October.

The PUBG Corp did recently announce that it will be addressing issues within the game that have been "limiting PUBG's true potential" so to speak, promising a number of improvements. It's already gone the extra mile with the Xbox One version, even upgrading that release to a full one, following its debut in the Game Preview program back in December of last year.

Now it's just a question of seeing where PUBG goes from here. The promise of fixing errors within the game is nice, but it's obvious that some new content would help it keep going, perhaps pushing it back up in numbers again.


For the time being, though, we're not sure what's planned next just yet. We'll let you know if PUBG Corp. has any announcements on deck. It's nice to see chicken dinners are still enjoyed, but a new recipe might just do the trick...

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is available now for PC and Xbox One.