PUBG Receives Major New Console Update, Patch Notes Revealed

The developers of PUBG have today pushed out a substantial new update for the popular battle royale shooter for those who play the game on consoles. The update, which is version 11.2, brings a number of substantial changes to the shooter, along with some major news pieces of content for players to sink their teeth into.

When it comes to the most notable tweaks in this update to PUBG, the bridges in Sosnovka Island and Erangel have now been changed. This is something that fans had said for quite some time they wanted to see altered and PUBG Corp was finally able to implement some new qualities. In addition to now being a bit wider, the bridges feature catwalks underneath that players can stand on to get the drop on others. In addition, the new Survivor Pass has also arrived in update 11.2 and brings with it a ton of pajama-focused cosmetics.

A number of other smaller changes have also come about in this update for PUBG as well. PUBG Corp has changed the look of some weapons to go along with some quality of life improvements for other features within the game.

Again, it's worth stressing that this patch is only rolling out for PUBG on console platforms. So if you're someone who already plays the multiplayer shooter on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, or PlayStation 5, this is what you can expect to see once you download the latest patch.

If you would like to find some of the most important list of changes with update 11.2, you can find some of the patch notes down below. And if you're interested in reading more about the patch in greater detail, you can find more on the PUBG website right here.

Match History

  • Improved the overall page design and rearranged certain elements for better visibility.
    • Increased size of the map images.
    • Improved icon design for Last 20 Match Stats details.
    • View Report is now displayed only when hovering over each match entry.
    • Your Placement Trend is now displayed as a line graph, rather than a bar graph to give a more clear picture of your results.
  • Replaced Avg Kills with K/D Ratio.
  • Added Assists to the list of recorded stats.
    • Assists have also been added to Match Reports.

Text Flow

  • Text will flow horizontally if the available UI area is shorter than the length of the text.
  • Text flow applies to the following UI:
    • In-Game
      • On-screen Key Guide
    • Custom Key Bindings
    • Settings Menu
    • Observer
      • Team member information/list of nearby players
    • War Mode
      • World Map

Inventory Improvements

  • Camera Movement Features and R-Stick Focusing/Confirm feature.
    • R-Stick Movement/Confirm feature has been removed.
    • Inventory Cursor Sensitivity Option has been removed from settings.
    • R-Stick camera movement implemented.
      • Players can use R-Stick to move their camera while in their inventory, helping increase their field of vision.
  • Quick Pick-Up/Drop changes.
    • From: Quick Pick-Up / Quick-drop
    • To: Pick-Up half / Drop half
  • Tool-Tip Pop-up Option.
    • Added an option in settings to hide the Tool-Tip
  • AIM (over the shoulder) and ADS can be maintained when holding LT (Xbox/Stadia), L2 (PS) while swapping seats and exiting a vehicle.
    • Maintaining AIM or ADS while swapping seats is available on all controller presets. However, exiting a vehicle while maintaining AIM or ADS is only available on controller presets A, B, and C.
  • Players using Preset C can use AIM (over the shoulder) while in a vehicle by tapping LT (Xbox/Stadia), L2 (PS).
  • Changed the response time of auto-run to 0.3 secs to help reduce instances of accidental activation when leaning left using Preset A or B controls.
  • Item Quantity
    • Players will be able to increase and decrease the quantity of the items they wish to purchase using R-stick.
  • Toggle Through Banners.
    • Players can use R-stick to toggle through the featured portrait banners.
  • Key Binding Improvements.
    • Featured Banner.
      • Changed the action keys to A and X (Xbox/Stadia), Cross and Square (PS).
    • Item slot.
      • Changed hold to purchase to tap to purchase.
      • Changed L-stick tap to R-stick tap to preview.
    • Item Preview.
      • Purchase Item: X (Xbox/Stadia), Square (PS).
      • Select/Cancel an item: A (Xbox/Stadia), Cross (PS).
    • Store Items and G-coin.
      • Changed hold to purchase to tap to purchase.


  • Improved client performance by disabling certain voice chat-related features when voice chat is disabled.
  • Improved client FPS stability through a reduction in hitches related to optimization work.
  • Optimized CPU performance by adding additional multi-threaded rendering support.
  • Optimized CPU performance through animation optimization.
  • Optimized some server and client performance pipelines to reduce both server and client hitches.
  • Optimized smoke particles of Smoke Grenade’s to help reduce severe frame drops in certain situations.
    • As part of this change, the smoke particles are now slightly more opaque. Players inside smokes will now be slightly less visible