Rainbow Six Extraction Trailer and Release Date Revealed

Rainbow Six Extraction got a new trailer and a release date during Ubisoft’s second big Ubisoft [...]

Rainbow Six Extraction got a new trailer and a release date during Ubisoft's second big Ubisoft Forward event. The latest on the game comes over a year after it was initially announced during E3 2019 to be a different take on the Rainbow Six formula where players still control skilled Operators but will face off against mutated aliens and infected people instead of just other Operators. It also comes after the original name, Rainbow Six Quarantine, was updated to the newest title. According to information shared during Ubisoft's event, the game is now scheduled to release on September 18th for the Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, Google Stadia, and Amazon Luna,

The trailer from Ubisoft Forward offered a fresh look at the game that we haven't seen much on since it was initially announced. Some people got an even earlier look at the game, however, when some gameplay leaked.

Rainbow Six Extraction was first announced for a 2020 release on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC platforms when it had a different title, but it never got an actual release date previously. Along with several other Ubisoft games, it was delayed to a later, previously unannounced date which was about the point where the information about the game ran dry. Since then, pretty much all players have had to look at was some gameplay details shared after the reveal and an official synopsis for the game.

"As the threat grows, our Operators rise to meet it. In Extraction, Rainbow Six has been united under REACT," a preview of the game read. "Their mission: learn about the enemy, stop its spread at all costs… and leave no one behind. Hibana has gone Missing in Action. See Operators Ela, Lion, and Nomad, under commands from Eliza "Ash" Cohen, mount a daring rescue mission, as they use intel, teamwork, and improvisation to save one of their own from a dangerous new enemy. Who's Got YouR6?"

Beta signups for Rainbow Six Quarantine opened not long after the game was first announced and offered players a chance to try the game early based on what platform they'd been playing on. It's expected that there will be more tests conducted before the game releases later this year.

Rainbow Six Extraction releases on September 16th.