Rainbow Six Siege Has Been Played By Over 55 Million People

Tons of people are still very much interested in Rainbow Six Siege it seems, according to Ubisoft’s most recent earnings report. The company touted the success of its tactical shooter and said the game has now reached over 55 million players who’ve registered to play it. It’s been a steady climb for the game that’s consistently added new content throughout Ubisoft’s standard seasonal system, and it looks like we can expect more people to get on board since that content won’t be drying up anytime soon.

Ubisoft shared its latest success in an earnings report where it discussed some of its biggest games like Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and Rainbow Six Siege among other notable hits. It was there that the company said the game not only has reached over 55 million users by now but also had a record number of monthly active users in December.

The official Rainbow Six Siege Twitter account rounded down and shared the news with players while saying the game is “here to stay.”

Rainbow Six Siege often gives players opportunities to try the game for free with those numbers no doubt added to the total whether they stuck around or not, but it's still an impressive figure.

Yves Guillemot, the co-founder and CEO of Ubisoft, commented on the success of Siege as well. He said it was “a best seller and one of the greatest esports games of the past five years.”


While that’s good news for Rainbow Six Siege players since it means the game’s still growing and people want to play, other announcements from Ubisoft released around the same time may not be as welcome for those looking forward to other games. Ubisoft has several games in the works that’ll be releasing throughout the next fiscal year with many of them known quantities by now, but it looks like Beyond Good and Evil 2 won’t be among them. That means it apparently won’t be released until after March 2021 at least which means people may end up playing it on the next generation of consoles instead of the current one.

Rainbow Six fans still at least have Rainbow Six Quarantine to look forward to even if that game did get delayed. It’s expected this game is part of the next five releases for the next fiscal year barring any other setbacks.

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