Rainbow Six Siege Shows Off New Rick and Morty Skins

One of Rainbow Six Siege’s most unusual crossovers to date is happening soon when the tactical shooter gets Rick and Morty skins. Ubisoft showed off the first formal look at those cosmetic bundles this week and said that the skins will be live in Rainbow Six Siege starting on April 15th. Two different bundles will be available with each of them consisting of a couple of different cosmetic items not included in the other.

Assets pertaining to the new skins made their way online before the big reveal as things from Rainbow Six Siege typically do, but the video below shared by Ubisoft on Wednesday gave us our best look yet at the skins. The main attractions of the bundle are the Pickle Rick skin for Smoke and the Gromflomite skin for Sledge with each of those cosmetics inspired by some of the most memorable moments from the Rick and Morty series.

While the Operator skins are naturally the highlights of the bundles, they aren’t the only items included in the sets. The Sledge Gromflomite bundle comes with the Gromflomite uniform and headpiece as well as a Federation Defense attachment skin, a weapon skin for Sledge’s M590A1, and a Team Rick charm. The Smoke Pickle Rick bundle comes with the Pickle Rick Rat Suit and the headpiece, a Portal Gun attachment skin, a weapon skin, and a Pickle Rick charm. You’ll be able to purchase the bundles individually for 2,160 R6 Credits each after they’re made available on April 15th.

While Rick and Morty isn’t the first property one would assume Rainbow Six Siege would work with when it comes to cosmetics like these, it’s not the only unexpected reveal from Year 6 of the game. Several weeks ago, Ubisoft and Capcom partnered up for a Jill Valentine skin for Zofia that turned the Operator into a member of the S.T.A.R.S. team with a uniform and other Resident Evil cosmetics released. Ubisoft said it’ll have more exclusive bundles throughout the year, so it’ll be interesting to see what surprises await players for the rest of Year 6.