Rare Pays Tribute To The Battletoads With New Trivia, Music-Themed Videos

Rare’s Battletoads is considered one of the developer’s greatest accomplishments, a [...]

Battletoads NES

Rare's Battletoads is considered one of the developer's greatest accomplishments, a hard-hitting adventure filled with innovative stage designs and fun co-op gameplay. It recently got re-introduced to the world as part of the Rare Replay compilation for Xbox One (which also includes the arcade Battletoads game, natch), and as part of paying it tribute with a theme week, Rare has released a pair of new videos that look deeper into the lore of the classic 8-bit game.

First up is a video that showcases five things you may not have known about Battletoads. This is a fun one for trivia enthusiasts, as it delves into some interesting facts, like why the developers chose toads to begin with or where a specific screenshot on the back of the original box originated from, since that particular moment isn't exactly in the game. (Oh, there are jet bikes, but no awesome flames.) There's also discussion with the Game Boy version of the game, which is a little different from the original.

Oh, and there's talk about Battletoads games that were made but never released, which is pretty fascinating. Check out the video below.

There's also a great video that focuses on the now-classic music of the original game, which was well-composed for an 8-bit effort. David Wise, who composed the soundtrack, has plenty of stories that delve into the motivation behind the soundtrack, as well as what experience he brings to the table. You can watch that video below, and make sure you tune in to the end to get a nice take on a Battletoads song via piano.

Battletoads is a fantastic game that's still well worth your time, even after all these years of release, and you can check it out now as part of Rare Replay on Xbox One. Of course, if you really want to take it back to the old-school, you can also hunt down an original Nintendo Entertainment System and a copy of the game, or just have a buddy hack your NES Classic Edition so that it includes the game. (No, really, it works – we got Battletoads & Double Dragon as well.)

Oh, and if you need more of a Battletoads fix, check out the hilarious React video below.