Red Dead Online Is Adding a Moonshiner Job

Rockstar Games is giving Red Dead Online players a new way to grow their online empires through another Specialist Role that's being added to the game soon. The online frontier of Red Dead Redemption 2 will let players become Moonshiners on December 13th when it adds the new profession that'll be available for those who've advanced to a certain point in the Trader ranks. Moonshiners will grow their business by learning new recipes and completing story missions centered around an NPC who's quite experienced in the profession.

A post on the studio's site detailed the release of the new job and went over some of the incentives and responsibilities of being a Moonshiner to entice prospective Red Dead Online players to try it. You'll be able to become a Moonshiner if you've reached at least Rank 5 in the Trader path and will be able to start completing missions and growing your empire once you speak with the NPC named Maggie Fike.

Players who embark on the Moonshiner path will discover unique skills pertaining to that role just as they have with the other jobs that were already available in Red Dead Online. You'll start out by setting up a Moonshining Shack to begin making your product and will advance from there until you're the owner of your own full-fledged bar. Maggie will help the player in their endeavors by sending them on story missions that'll see players take out their moonshining competition.

"Owning and operating the Moonshine business is just part of your role," Rockstar said about the job. "You'll also work with Maggie through a series of story missions to be played solo or cooperatively as you help her get revenge on those who tried to take her down. As you grow the business (and eliminate a rival operation), you'll learn new recipes and techniques that help make your moonshine the best by a country mile. You'll also have the opportunity to set up your own underground Bar serving your own shine, with customizable décor and the option to add a country band complete with dance floor to entertain your friends and clientele."


Other content is coming in the December 13th update as well such as the second Outlaw Pass as well as more accessories like the Navy Revolver and other clothing options.