Red Dead Online Halloween Update Reportedly Leaked

It looks like Red Dead Online and Red Dead Redemption 2's next major update on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia will be a Halloween-themed update, which means it's presumably right around the corner as Halloween is only a few weeks away. At the moment of publishing, Rockstar Games has said nothing about Red Dead Online's next update, but files from recent updates of the game have seemingly spilled the beans for it.

More specifically, the latest datamining effort of the game's files has revealed dozens of new character models, and it appears that these character models aren't for your average American in 1899. Rather, it looks like the models are for zombie NPCs. Supplementing this is spooky music, Halloween-themed cosmetics, and much more.

As Red Dead Guides points out over on YouTube, these zombie models are currently unused and filed under an "Army of Fear" tag. In other words, at the moment, there's nothing linking them to an Undead Nightmare-Esq expansion, but presumably, that's what this would be. It would be one thing to add Halloween-themed cosmetics and give the game a spooky makeover, but making dozens of character models is no small task, which is why this appears to be part of a larger, more substantial update. Will it be equivalent to the first game's Undead Nightmare expansion? Probably not, but it may be reminiscent of it.

This isn't the first time files have been discovered hinting at Halloween content. Back in the summer, files started being added that seemed to hint Rockstar Games was planning something for Halloween. Since then, these files have only been added to.


All of this is to say, there's obviously going to be a Halloween event this year. The question is, how big will it be? Will it simply be another one-off event or will it be accompanied by a major update? For now, all we can do is speculate, but the aforementioned character models suggest it's the latter.

At the moment of publishing, Rockstar Game has not provided a comment on any of these leaks or the speculation surrounding them. If it does, we will be sure to update the story with whatever is provided.