Resident Evil Resistance to Add New Mastermind Soon

Another new character is joining Resident Evil: Resistance soon now that Capcom has set a release date Nicholai Ginovaef. The recurring antagonist from Resident Evil 3 will come to the multiplayer Resident Evil game on May 15th as the first post-launch Mastermind added since the game released with this character having his own set of skills and a unique special power just like the other Masterminds. The character will be free for Resident Evil: Resistance owners just as Jill Valentine was when she was added as a survivor, so expect to see people playing as him this weekend while seeing another familiar face in Resistance.

Capcom announced previously that its new Mastermind character would be Nicolai, but we haven’t seen what his skills look like just yet. Whether you plan on playing as him or just want to stick to your survivors, it’ll be best to learn what he’s capable of so you know how to beat him once he’s added.

Nicolai was part of the roadmap Capcom released to outline the future of Resident Evil: Resistance. With him now revealed and his release coming soon, the last mystery character has been crossed off the roadmap.

While we may not know exactly what his skills look like, players have a pretty good idea of what his special ability will be. Each Mastermind is able to summon a monster from the Resident Evil franchise that’s related to their character somehow, and in Nicolai’s case, there’s no option more relevant to his character than Nemesis. The relentless monster from Resident Evil 3 was one of the main antagonists of the game, and by listening to Nicolai and piecing together information found throughout the game, it’s obvious Nicolai has taken a strong interest in Nemesis for both research and profit. Summoning the monster in Resident Evil: Resistance seems like the best way to make use of the character, but his special ability hasn’t been revealed yet.

As for the rest of the roadmap, the next thing on the schedule is something in June that’s “under construction.” It’s unclear what this means, but given that July and onwards says “more updates to come,” the text for June coupled with some construction tape perhaps means that a new map is planned for next month.