Resident Evil: Resistance Reveals New Mastermind

Resident Evil: Resistance just recently welcomed Jill Valentine to the ranks of Survivors who try and escape Umbrella’s experiments in the multiplayer game, and it’s already setting the stage for the next addition by revealing a new Mastermind. Nicholai Ginovaef is coming to the game in May to join the Mastermind team which answers one question posed by the Resident Evil: Resistance roadmap that was shared not long ago. There are still other questions related to the character and how he’ll play in the game, but we’ve got a pretty good guess to at least one of those questions ahead of his release.

If you’ve played through Resident Evil 3 since its release, you’ll already be well acquainted with Nicholai Ginovaef, one of the characters who appears throughout the game. Without spoiling anything that’s not already apparent from your first meeting with him and the fact that he’s on the Mastermind team in Resistance, the side which is comprised of antagonists from the Resident Evil franchise, he’s not a great guy. Considering how the first post-release Resistance character to be added to the Survivor side was Jill, it makes sense that Nicholai would be her counterpart.


Just like the Survivors, Masterminds have their own unique skills that set them apart from other characters. It hasn’t been revealed what Nicholai can do, but those who played through the story of Resident Evil 3 will know that he’s pretty invested in what’s going on with Nemesis, the recurring, relentless antagonist from the game. Based on that and some teasers hinting at what’s to come, it’s a relatively safe bet to assume that his super weapon will be playing as Nemesis to terrorize the Survivors.

Beyond Nicholai, there’s one more thing left on the roadmap. Based on the construction tape shown on the infographic, there’s reason to believe that there will be a new map added, though we won’t know for sure until that content is actually revealed.