Resident Evil: Resistance Roadmap Confirms More Characters Are Coming

Capcom released a roadmap for Resident Evil: Resistance this week, and while the roadmap doesn’t really say much, it does confirm that there are plans for new characters and more coming in the next few months. The roadmap outlines some general plans for April into June with more unknown updates planned for July, but we at least know of one confirmed character and another mystery person who are coming to the game sooner rather than later. Players have been trying to guess who that mystery character might be, but with how new the game is, players will be busier with mastering the existing characters until then.

The roadmap in question can be seen below after it was shared through the Resident Evil Twitter account. It shows Jill Valentine coming to the multiplayer game this month when she’s released as a playable survivor on April 17th, but we already knew about that part from past trailers ahead of the game’s launch. What’s new from the roadmap though is the shadowy figure – apparently a male character – in the May section of the roadmap.

We don’t know who this character is nor do we know whether he’ll be a survivor or a Mastermind, but the former will answer the latter once we figure out who he is. The Masterminds are generally the antagonistic characters while the survivors aren’t, though Jill is the first canon Resident Evil character on the side of the survivors.


As for June, it’s unclear if the “Under Construction” means the plans aren’t finalized yet, but the message is likely hinting at something different. If there were only general plans for more updates, one would think it’s say “More Updates to Come” under June as opposed to July. Many parts of Raccoon City in Resident Evil 3 were under construction such as the buildings Jill fights Nemesis in, so perhaps June will bring a new Resident Evil: Resistance map for players to navigate.

Before we see any of that content though, we’ll have Jill added to the game this month. Her abilities haven’t been revealed yet, but it’s hard to imagine a Resident Evil protagonist having weaker abilities than other characters. Because of that and because of her protagonist nature, you can probably expect her to be pretty strong and to be a contested pick during the survivor selection part of the match.