Resident Evil TV Series Canceled by Netflix After First Season

Netflix's long-awaited adaptation of Resident Evil has been canceled following its first and only season. The Resident Evil series is one of the most famous franchises in gaming. It's a major pillar of the horror genre, influencing many other franchises to follow in its footsteps. The renowned franchise has been adapted for live-action multiple times with a financially successful series of films led by Mila Jovovich, a 2021 big screen reboot that followed the games a bit more closely, and the recent Netflix series. The Netflix series was not directly based on any of the games and instead tried to create a bit of a sequel or spin-off to Resident Evil 5. The series follows Albert Wesker, previously believed to be dead, and his two daughters in New Raccoon City before yet another outbreak occurs.

The show was met with a mixed response from critics and was thrashed by fans. Resident Evil released on Netflix on the heels of the latest season of Stranger Things, a show that has dominated the streamer's charts. According to Deadline, Resident Evil has been canceled by Netflix after it failed to make any notable splash within the top 10 most watched pieces of content on the streamer. Netflix is known for killing off shows that don't find a big enough audience and rarely gives any kind of second chance, so this doesn't come as much of a surprise. Netflix is also currently developing a movie based on BioShock and a show based on PlayStation's Horizon franchise, so the streamer does seem interested in more video game adaptations.

The first season of Resident Evil ended by name dropping another iconic character, suggesting they would appear in a proposed second season. Unfortunately, that won't be happening. It's unclear if other fan favorites like Leon Kennedy and Chris Redfield would have ever shown up in the series, but it's likely we'll never know.

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