'Rocket League' Update Adds Xbox One X Enhancements, Improves Progression System

Rocket League's latest update released today for all platforms and brings Xbox One X enhancements alongside with an improved progression system and other changes.

Announced back in November, the patch notes for the December update have been revealed with all the 4K-filled contents listed on the game's site. Those who have an Xbox One X will benefit from the update which adds 4K resolution and HDR support. When Rocket League is displayed on a 4K-ready device when played on the Xbox One X and the HDR feature will activate automatically assuming the device also supports that setting and has it enabled on the display and the Xbox One X.

While the 4K and HDR support features only apply to those with an Xbox One X, other parts of the patch notes are applicable to the rest of the platforms that the game's available. The progression system in particular is getting updated with increased experience gains and bigger bonuses from victories among other tweaks, all of those outlined below:


  • Increased XP/second in Casual and Competitive Playlists by 40%
  • Increased Win Bonus from 50 to 100
  • Increased Weekly Win Bonus from two matches per day to three per day
    • Weekly maximum has increased from 14 matches to 21 matches
  • A limited number of points are now awarded for each ball hit
    • You earn two points per touch
    • Points earned per touch limited to one touch per second
  • Players who have not met the minimum point threshold needed to earn XP will now see a notification on the End Match screen

Other welcome changes included in the patch include a feature where the dates a Rocket Pass starts and ends are included in the Rocket Pass screen so that those who are grinding to unlock the content will know how much longer they have to obtain everything. The feature works much like Fortnite's Battle Pass does or any similar "pass" feature and offers both a free and paid version, both of which contain different content as players progress through the tiers.

The full notes for Rocket League's December update can be seen here, and the update should now be out for all platforms according to Rocket League's tweet above.