Shadow of the Tomb Raider’s Latest Trailer Gets Cute With Dogs and Cats

Square Enix is out to prove that Shadow of the Tomb Raider means serious business. It’s easily [...]

Square Enix is out to prove that Shadow of the Tomb Raider means serious business. It's easily Lara Croft's biggest adventure to date, and it packs hours' worth of gameplay into an awesome end-of-the-world storyline.

But that doesn't mean the publisher doesn't know how to have a little fun. In the latest trailer for the game, which posted over on the PlayStation YouTube channel, we see the "cute" side of things, with all of the main characters in the Shadow of the Tomb Raider game replaced by...dogs and cats?! Yep, welcome to Shadow of the Cute Raider.

The trailer can be watched above. In it, it looks like a traditional set-up for a Tomb Raider game, until we realize we get a dog in the place of Lara Croft, and a cat in the face of a Mayan villain, who keeps a poor mutt locked up for good measure.

But it's action packed to say the least, with the Lara Croft-ish dog setting a trap for the cat that's pursuing it, managing to lure it with (what else?) a ball of string.

From there, we see the dog make a dramatic leap across a gap in the mountains, while that evil cat threatens the locked-up mutt with...a razor? To shave it, I suppose?

It's all part of the cuteness, but when they do get into their final battle, the Lara Croft-ish dog unleashes its greatest weapon: a Roomba. Yep, that distracts the evil cat long enough for the hero to rescue the locked-up mutt and look out into the Mayan landscape as the trailer concludes.

It's hilarious, to say the least, and good fun from the folks at Square Enix, after seeing all the dramatic trailers we've seen for the game. But damn it, now we want a Cute Raider mode thrown into Shadow just for good measure. We want to use balls of string to lure enemies and stuff. Hmmm...maybe with DLC…

For the time being, this is yet another trailer to get us excited for the game, which, thankfully, isn't too far off now. Shadow of the Tomb Raider releases on September 14 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.