Someone Gave Mario Chest Hair In Super Mario Odyssey And Things Are Getting Weird

Mario 2

So, do you recall the other day when we talked about how some fans were losing their minds over Mario having nipples in Super Mario Odyssey? They just can't accept the fact that Nintendo is letting him grow up a bit, even though they are a bit on the small side.

But enough about nipples. It appears that someone's gone to the next level and altered Mario so he has more of an…adult look. Some people complained that since Mario has Italian roots, he should have chest hair. Of course, we can understand why he doesn't, but that didn't stop the Internet from going crazy.

And so, here we have it – an image where Mario isn't just shirtless, but covered in chest hair. Not only that, but he appears to have a gold chain as well, so he's got the sort of "how you doin'" vibe going on.


Obviously this isn't going to be in-game, as you'll see the shirtless model that has nipples that the company introduced yesterday. But this is still pretty funny, mainly because, well, it shows that Mario has, ahem, grown out a bit. Plus the gold necklace is a nice touch. We almost expect him to be hanging out in a swinger's bar, which wouldn't surprise us since Bowser is getting ready to marry Peach in the game.

The Internet seems to be having a field day with Mario's chest, but there are some who are also excited about what Odyssey has to offer, especially with over 600 moons to collect within the game. No matter what outfit he seems to be wearing, he's got a lot that he can do in the world of Odyssey.

Still, Mario as a swinger…that's not so far-fetched. If you recall, Bob Hoskins got dressed up in a leisure suit and gold chain in Super Mario Bros. The Movie in an attempt to woo someone that had the meteorite piece. So, yeah, he could pull off a swinger look…right?


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Anyway, back to Super Mario Odyssey. You'll be able to enjoy the game when it arrives October 27th for Nintendo Switch. Currently, Amazon Prime members can save 20% when they pre-order.