Sonic the Hedgehog Deleted Scenes Reveal Alternate Opening

Today, Sonic the Hedgehog is available on Blu-Ray, DVD, and 4K. The disc contains a number of deleted scenes from Paramount's adaptation of the Sega franchise, including an alternate opening, showcasing Sonic's debut on Earth. In the clip, we get to see a much earlier run-in between Sonic and "Crazy Carl," the first person that encounters the blue blur on Earth. It's a fun little scene that evokes other famous movies featuring aliens that come to Earth, but it's easy to see why it might not have fit the tone of the rest of the film. Still, Sonic fans should appreciate seeing more of the character's antagonism towards Carl!

In the scene, Carl tries to catch Sonic by laying out numerous bear traps. Sonic sets them off one-by-one, but the hedgehog is far too fast to get caught in any of them. The blue blur even manages to finish Carl's puzzle while zipping around! In the movie, when viewers see Sonic on Earth for the first time, the blue blur is actually speeding around Tom Wachowski, instead. While Sonic's encounters with Carl are referenced, that particular dynamic takes a backseat to the interaction between the two main characters, and we see Sonic in the daylight, rather than the darkness.

Of course, this isn't the only alternate opening that has been revealed from the film, thus far. Another alternate scene was released earlier this year, in which Sonic is delivered to Earth by his caretaker, Longclaw, before the owl departs. In the film, Sonic leaves for Earth against his wishes, as Longclaw is attacked by a tribe of echidnas bearing some resemblance to Knuckles. Longclaw never actually makes it to Earth, and her fate is left ambiguous.

Given the film's early struggles, it's not surprising to see so many different takes on the film's earliest scenes! While these are fun to see, it's clear that there were some varying opinions on how to best adapt the games to the big screen. Fortunately for fans, the finished product more than lived up to expectations, and a sequel seems quite likely. Whether or not fans will see more of Crazy Carl and Longclaw, however, remains to be seen!

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