Sonic Frontiers Creators Already Know What the Next Sonic the Hedgehog Game Will Be

Sonic Team's next game is Sonic Frontiers, the "open-zone" title which people are skeptical about to say the least, but beyond that one, there's naturally another Sonic game on the way. We wouldn't expect much less from Sonic Team, but in a recent interview, Sonic Team creative officer Takashi Iizuka said that the developers already know what this next game will look like. Plenty of hints about Sonic Frontiers itself were also shared during the talks, but we'll of course have to wait until the game comes out to learn about all the pressing spoilers people are looking for.

Iizuka spoke to Game Informer recently during one of the outlet's rapid-fire questionings where they asked 123 questions about Sonic Frontiers and beyond. Around the 6:37 mark in the video, Iizuka was asked if he and Sonic Team already knew what the next Sonic the Hedgehog game was going to be. Iizuka responded with a simple "yes" to confirm that the team at least has an idea of what the next Sonic game will be. When asked a follow-up question about how many Sonic games Sonic Team has in mind that can't be talked about in detail right now, Iizuka couldn't offer any answers for that inquiry.

Hearing that Sonic Team already has a new Sonic game in mind might come across as a "duh" moment, but given how some people have already written off Sonic Frontiers due to its deviations from the traditional Sonic the Hedgehog experience, this may come as good news for those who want whatever's coming next. That's not to say that the next Sonic game won't be yet another atypical title, but Sonic fans can know at least something else is on the way.

Elsewhere in the interview, Iizuka was also asked about the topic of guest appearances in Sonic Frontiers from some of Sonic's friends. Big the Cat and his buddy Froggy were two characters asked about, and based on some supposed leaks we've seen in the past, we can apparently look forward to Big the Cat at least even if Iizuka couldn't confirm that appearance one way or the other.