Sonic the Hedgehog Has 2 Easy-to-Miss Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Easter Eggs

Sonic the Hedgehog is finally here, and racing to the top of the box office. On top of a big opening weekend, the film has managed to do what few video game movies ever have, not be universally crapped on by critics and moviegoers alike. In fact, right now it's sitting at a respectable 63 on Rotten Tomatoes, and seems to be hitting well with fans of the classic Sega video game series. And the latter is partially thanks to how much the movie caters to gamers with a huge slab of references and Easter Eggs. For example, did you know the movie has not one, but two Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Easter Eggs? Well, it does, but they are easy to miss.

According to Ben Schwartz, the voice of the Blue Blur, there's two tiny references to the equally nostalgic platform fighter. One is a pose that Sonic does during the movie that is super "Smashy," and the other is a reference to the animation of when the character is teetering on the edge of a platform in the game. According to the actor, these were put into the movie on purpose, as just two of the many Easter Eggs hidden within the film.

Of course, small Easter Eggs like these have no impact on the quality of movie, but it's the type of stuff that wins over the hearts of hardcore fans. Further, it demonstrates that a lot of TLC went into this film, which isn't the case for most video game movies.

Sonic the Hedgehog is playing in theaters across the United States, and should be for weeks to come. Meanwhile, for more news and all types of coverage of the latest video game movie, be sure to check out all of our past and all of our recent articles covering Mr. Needlemouse and his friend Jim Carrey by clicking right here.


"After the very dramatic outcry when the first trailer for the film was revealed, it seems almost improbable that the Sonic the Hedgehog movie even exists," reads the opening of our review of the movie. "If it was possible for the internet to hate-scream at something enough to obliterate it entirely through WiFi, the original Sonic would have been proof of that power. But it didn't; the studio listened and made changes and now they've delivered a very video game-accurate version of the character and I'm happy to report that the movie itself is totally watchable, thanks largely to Ben Schwartz' magical take on the title character."