Sony Posts Even More Holiday Greetings From Developers, Including Guerrilla Games

Sony PlayStation

(Source: PlayStation)

By now, your gaming heart is probably already warmed by the holiday greetings posted by a number of game companies, including Xbox, Naughty Dog and Media Molecule. But that's merely the beginning, as Sony has posted a ton of new greeting cards from developers wishing its audience the happiest of holidays.

We won't post them all here, but we've collected some of the best ones available on the page, so you can see them here in all their glory. (After all, we're not sure if everyone needed a holiday greeting from the Bubsy team or not.) Enjoy the array of greeting cards below!

Fighting EX Layer

Sony PlayStation 2

Arika has posted a charming little Christmas card featuring a number of its Fighting EX Layer superstars as holiday ornaments. Oh, man, we want that Skullomania one something fierce.


Sony PlayStation 3

While the earlier posted Bethesda holiday greeting is cool, there's something about this specific Doom one that's nothing short of spectacular, mainly because everyone's fighting in the snow. Aw, if only there were snowballs…

Devolver Digital

Sony PlayStation 4

This Devolver Digital Christmas card is superb, featuring everything from someone grilling some steaks to another soldier simply relaxing in a makeshift hot tub. And, c'mon, everyone should make time for a "friendly" game of table tennis with Hotline Miami stars.


Sony PlayStation 5

It's an 8-bit Christmas from the Chasm team, featuring a number of characters from the forthcoming side-scrolling Metroidvania adventure decked out in their holiday best.

Drinkbox Studios

Sony PlayStation 6

While we were expecting some Lucha wrestlers and chickens to be battling it out, this DrinkBox Studios Christmas card is a lot of fun. Although…wouldn't a Christmas cactus be hard to hang ornaments on? Ouch.


Sony PlayStation 7

Nothing beats riding a party bus decked out in Christmas lights as you prepare to enter Battle Royale in the hopes of winning it all. This Epic Games holiday greeting is nothing short of charming.

Guerrilla Games

Sony PlayStation 8

This Horizon: Zero Dawn themed holiday card is everything, because you've got a large robot shooting off fireworks while Aloy watches, wearing a Santa hat. BTW, if you haven't picked up the game yet, you need to fix that – it's one of the year's best.

Rocket League

Sony PlayStation 9

Is there such a thing as a Rocket League Christmas? There is now. And what better way to ring in the holidays than by scoring a few goals on the opposition?!

Super Meat Boy

Sony PlayStation 10

What better way to celebrate the holidays than with a smiling slab of meat? Team Meat's Super Meat Boy Forever will make its debut next year, so it celebrated by posting this fun, albeit messy, Christmas card.

THQ Nordic

Sony PlayStation 11

Finally, this THQ Nordic card features some of the best characters from this year's game, all decked out in their holiday best. And, yes, we're eager to play BioMutant, just like a lot of you.

Happy holidays!