Sony Reveals PlayStation 5 Logo

As the old adage goes, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. That seems to be the case with Sony and the PlayStation 5. At the very least, it seems to apply to the system's new logo. The company revealed the design during their presentation at CES 2020, and it looks remarkably similar to the one the company used for the PlayStation 4. Considering that the Dual Shock controllers have remained mostly the same since the original PlayStation, it's not unheard of for Sony to keep what's worked in the past. After all, it does help breed familiarity with the fanbase.

In addition to the new logo, Sony also unveiled some of the features fans can expect from the upcoming console. The PS5 will feature 3D Audio Sound, Haptics/Adaptive Triggers, Ultra High-Speed SSD, Hardware-Based Ray Tracing, and Ultra HD Blu-Ray support. The adaptive triggers allow the PS5 controller to measure resistance, while the Haptic feedback should provide a more realistic feeling experience than what's currently provided by the Dual Shock 4's rumble technology. So far, it's nothing too unexpected, but these minor confirmations by Sony should give players an idea of what to expect when the PS5 releases.

Unfortunately, fans looking for new information on the latest round of consoles at CES 2020 haven't had a whole lot to get excited about during the conference. While fans were excited to see the ports for the Xbox Series X revealed during AMD's presentation, it turned out to be a fake image taken from an unofficial source, leading to a bit of an embarrassing retraction for the chipmaker (which is referenced in the above tweet).

Fortunately for fans of both Sony and Microsoft, news should arrive on the latest wave of consoles in the very near future. With the PS5 and Xbox Series X both slated to arrive in 2020, fans should know a whole lot more in the coming months, particularly during E3.

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