Spellbreak Brings Back Fan Requested Feature

One of the more requested features in Spellbreak has been the return of Duos, which was previously [...]

One of the more requested features in Spellbreak has been the return of Duos, which was previously only a limited time mode. You could always play with a party of 3 or solo, but understandably it's far easier to find one person to partner up with rather than 3 and it's also more fun to play with a friend than solo, so you can see why many were calling for the mode to return. Spellbreak obliged this past weekend, bringing back Duos for a limited time, but yesterday they delighted fans even more by making the mode permanent, saying that they decided to bring it back for good after seeing how many people were enjoying it.

Spellbreak shared the announcement on Twitter, writing "Looks like you Breakers are loving Duos mode! Since so many of you have been playing it, we have decided to keep it open for the foreseeable future. Grab your partner and we'll see you both in the Hollow Lands. #Spellbreak"

It's a good move and should make the player community happy. If you've been waiting to give it a go, now is the perfect time to grab a friend and jump on in.

For those unfamiliar, Spellbreak is a Battle Royale-style game where you utilize special Gauntlets that allow you to tap into one of several elements. Whether you're using the power of Ice (Frostborn) or the power of Earth (Stoneshaper), your chosen Gauntlet will give you access to new abilities that you can then combine with other elements by equipping a Gauntlet on your other hand once you land on the ground, creating a variety of interesting effects.

Spellbreak launched earlier this month and has developed a devoted following, and you can check out the official description below.

"Spellbreak is a multiplayer action-spellcasting game where you unleash your inner battlemage. Explore new lands in Chapter 1 while deciphering the mysteries of the Spellstorm, harness its unheard of power, and unleash the elements like never before."

Spellbreak is available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Will you be playing Duos? Let us know in the comments or as always you can talk all things Spellbreak with me on Twitter @MattAguilarCB!