Spider-Man PS4: Wakandan Embassy, Stark Tower, and Sanctum Sanctorum Spotted

Spider-Man won't be launching on PS4 until September 7. We still have a long time to wait for what could be the best superhero game ever developed, but there's no stopping the hype train and Easter egg hunts that are already under way. Indeed, there are a few huge mysteries that Spider-Man fans are already trying to solve, and one of them is the mystery of three mysterious buildings which have been spotted in-game, in New York City.

Stark Tower (Avengers Tower) has been known to be in the game for some time, and the eagle-eyed among you have no doubt noticed Sanctum Sanctorum in some of the footage. For the first time, though, we're hearing that the Wakandan Embassy can also be seen in the game. If you check out the Game Informer Show snippet we shared above, starting around the 24:14 mark, as they all talk about the landmarks seen around New York City, the Wakandan Embassy is mentioned very briefly, and very quietly.

This shouldn't come as a total shock, since we know that this game takes place in the Marvel universe, but it is really curious that these buildings were specifically modeled, and can be seen within the immediate, playable game world that Spider-Man exists in. They could have just as easily written off the fact that Peter Parker "lives too far away" to see those buildings, and that would be that, but they can be seen as you swing around in the game.

(Photo: via Reddit)

This, of course, is leading players to wonder whether or not certain Avengers may appear in the game at some point. We don't know, for example, where Peter Parker works, and it has been speculated by some that might work for Tony Stark.


If nothing else, we're hoping for a few cameos at the very least. It was mentioned that, during their time spent playing Spider-Man, the dudes at Game Informer were pleasantly surprised by how active and alive the city appeared to be. People went about their daily lives having rooftop parties, playing basketball, and commuting. We're hoping that we might happen to swing by the Sanctum Sanctorum, for example, and be able to peep Dr. Strange practicing some weird magic through a window, or stepping through a portal to another dimension. These are the kinds of Easter eggs we'll be dying to see, and with all of these iconic buildings in the game, we'd be shocked if we didn't see something like this happen.

Stay tuned, folks, we've got more Spider-Man coverage coming your way!