Spyro the Dragon Treasure Trilogy Teased Once More, This Time On Twitter


The teases for Activision's heavily rumored Spyro the Dragon Treasure Trilogy continue to pour in, between the arrival of a cryptic egg and some mysterious postings left and right. But now, a new conversation has popped up on Twitter, leaving us wondering, "Yeah, something, anything has to be coming up pretty soon."

So, a couple of days ago, when we reported the egg story previously, it turned out that the Crash Bandicoot Twitter account followed the mysterious Spyro the Dragon Twitter account, which goes by the name of Falcon McBob – the same name, by the way, that was attached with the note that came with IGN's beloved egg.

But if that's not enough to get you wondering what's happening, a mysterious tweet message has arrived, with Spyro reaching out to Crash's account and simply saying, "Good times," along with an image showing Crash's eyes, highlighted in a purple light – the same color as Spyro. You can see the image in question below.

So…what's happening?! It appears that Activision is gearing up for some form of announcement, and even though there's nothing on the Falcon McBob account that indicates Treasure Trilogy is coming our way, that count literally change at any given second. The game has been teased for months, so Activision just needs to say something about it already – even if it's not happening. (Though that's doubtful – Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy made a ton of money for Activision last year, and is coming to other platforms this summer.)

The question, now, is when. Considering that PAX East is coming up starting tomorrow in Boston (in fact, I'm en route there now, typing this from a cramped seat about an airplane), there is the slim chance that Activision could be revealing the game, and then inviting players to come check it out. That is not confirmed, though, and they could just have an announcement.


But one thing's for sure – fans are chomping at the bit, wondering if their beloved Spyro will be making a comeback. Between all the clues we've gotten so far, and Crash's special kinship with his PlayStation buddy, something has to be happening. And soon.

If it does get announced, Spyro the Dragon Treasure Trilogy will likely be confirmed for PlayStation 4 only this year, followed by a possible multi-platform release in 2019. Fingers crossed – the fans really need this!