Twitch Streamer Makes Motion-Controlled Lightsaber for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Twitch streamer Rudeism who’s known for creating innovative controllers for different games worked his magic on Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order by designing a motion-controlled lightsaber and Force glove to play the game. The streamer’s actions in Fallen Order were controlled entirely with a lightsaber that handles his attacks and aiming while the glove allows him to use Force powers and control Cal Kestis’ basic movements.

Outfitting his lightsaber and the glove with more traditional parts of a controller like buttons, thumbsticks, and a d-pad, Rudeism’s new controllers allowed him to strike enemies by swinging the lightsaber and use the Force on objects by holding up his gloved hand as if he were actually using the Force. A post on Reddit from the streamer explained where the different buttons and sticks went on each controller and how he managed to pull off the creation.

“The lightsaber has a bunch of LEDs that light up when you flick the blade out, an inertial measurement unit (IMU) inside that detects swings (and deactivates when the blade is retracted), a couple of thumbsticks on it for aiming and D-pad commands, as well as a bunch of buttons for things like jumping/dodging/etc,” Rudeism said. “The glove handles movement via a thumbstick, as well as another IMU for Force powers! It's a ton of fun to use, and it might be my new favourite thing in the world now.”

The video below was shared to show a quick compilation of the controllers in action as Rudeism attacked, deflected, and manipulated objects with the Force. He even took down the Oggdo Bogdo using the controllers, an optional enemy near the start of the game who’s proven to be a challenge for players who aren’t equipped to fight it when they first reach the monster.


Rudeism said in the post that with the controllers now complete and working, he’d be focusing on completing the game now. He began on the Jedi Knight difficulty which is the game’s default setting but eventually upped the challenge to the hardest mode.

As the streamer mentioned in the tweets above, he’s created custom controllers like these in the past. Playing Overwatch with fidget spinners and playing Super Mario 64 with only one button are a few of Rudeism’s other accomplishments.